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Taste & Feel the difference!
Have you ever noticed how different water tastes at different places? What is that taste? Well you may not want to know the full answer to this!

The water for many tap supply (municipal / scheme water) is often from quite dirty and contaminated sources. This dirty and dangerous water is sometimes filtered and then a large range of chemicals is added. Finally it sits in pools or tanks then travels through long lengths of piping that can be corroded, made of poisonous materials or infected with disease.

Then you drink it!

Bottled water is SOMETIMES slightly more filtered - but often not with the water coming from the same source many times.
The rules for testing bottled water are of a poor standard and the results are held secret.

The facts are the same: Tap and bottled water contains many chemicals that can be damaging to your body.


Water Filters Perth - Posted Australia Wide
Simple Counter Top (Bench Top) Drinking Water Filter that has a high quality 10" filter. U.S.A. made and very easy to install - ideal for renters! Available with a variety of different filter elements which last for a very long time and are easy and cheap to replace.
4 Stage Reverse Osmosis water filter system. Fit under your kitchen sink for an easy, out of the way solution to nearly pure water. you will taste the difference. Removes nearly all impurities. Recommended for most tap water in Australia. U.S.A. made - easy to replace and low cost filter cartridges available.
Shower Filter
Very high quality shower filter - removes 99.9% of chlorine removing that hazard from showering. Very easy to fit - with replacement cartridges easily available. you will notice the difference in showering, stinging eyes, dry skin and hair.
Under sink Ionisers can alter the PH to a more healthy alkaline level. Under sink water coolers are available for always cold drinking water! Check out the full range today.

Your body is made up of 55 - 78% water (depending on your size).
Your brain contains 70 - 78% water (depending on where you went to school - just kidding!)
The earth is 70% water - mostly undrinkable
There is a direct correlation between a countries GDP and it availability to safe drinking water
Not all drinking water is safe - even from the tap or bottled water!
Chlorine is a POISON (used in WW1 to kill people) and is bad for you even in small doses.
Hot Chlorine water (ie a shower) is a HEALTH RISK!
Water Filters can get rid nearly all of the chemicals, bacteria and disease in water

Make sure that your water is pure!
The U.S.A. (and others) have correctly issued health warnings about showering in hot water that contains chlorine. Your largest organ (the skin) absorbs chlorine and you inhale it through the steam. Instal a shower water filter to cut down the risk and effects.
Water Filters can be very easy to instal yourself. Be sure to get a quality unit (NOT CHINESE!) to ensure that the parts are easy to fit together and will last for years without leaking. Aqua Pro and Pentek are quality brands to look out for.
If you bought a $400,000 car - would you use a cheap generic oil from the supermarket at your next oil change? No - well don't do even worse with what you put into you. Buy Quality Water Filters not cheap units that may not do their job - or may even be worse for you.
Water Filters are a vital part of your water intact. Drinking Water Filters can make your drinking water taste great and SAFE! Water Filters can remove toxic chemicals making your shower and bath safe!

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